Calix B6-012 Ethernet Service Access Node (ESAN)

Product Information

The newest additions to the Calix ESAN family, the B6-012i integrated backplane chassis and B6-012 distributed backplane chassis, have 12 slots and can support up to 576 directly connected subscribers or 1536 GPON subscribers. Any B6 line card can be deployed in any slot and in any configuration, with self-discovery and network configuration settings automatically loaded in the B6-012i chassis. The B6-012i chassis is 12 RU high, including the fan tray and the fiber management shelf, and can be mounted in a 23-inch relay rack or OSP cabinet.

B6-012i Chassis (Integrated Backplane)

The B6-012i chassis incorporates design advancements that simplify chassis installation, reduce turn-up time, and integrate the intelligent interconnect architecture connections directly into the physical backplane. Featuring 20 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet ports for local connections, the B6-012i allows service providers to scale their networks as new service opportunities arise. The B6-12i chassis also supports up to 20 gigabits of traffic capacity per slot for any slots populated with 10GE optimized line cards.

B6-012 Chassis (Distributed Backplane)

The B6-012 chassis features the intelligent interconnect architecture, while supporting a distributed backplane allowing the chassis to support up to 72 1000BaseT Gigabit Ethernet ports, designed to enable custom backplane wiring, supporting a wide variety of access and media gateway applications. The B6 line cards interconnect through a connection plane that also distributes power and alarm connections to all of the chassis’ line card slots.

Distributed Intelligence

More than basic interface modules, B6 line cards utilize a distributed packet processing architecture that enables each line card to operate as a standalone network element or as part of a common chassis. Distributed processing is an innovative approach to platform design and performance, capacity, and computing power increase with every B6 line card added to the network. By leveraging value-added B6 software to perform deep packet inspection at the access network edge, communications service providers (CSPs) can harness the benefits of distributed intelligence.

Source: Calix