Tellabs TITAN 5500

Product Information

The Tellabs® Titan® 5500 Digital Cross-Connect System (DCS) Consolidated Core Switch (CCS) expands the maximum capacity to 4608 STS-1 equivalents (STS-1e) from the previous maximum of 3072, with the capability to expand up to 6144. It can be deployed as a standalone system or be used as an expansion switch matrix for existing Tellabs Titan 5500 DCS Standard Core Switch (SCS) systems.

The Tellabs Titan 5500 DCS 4608 CCS switch matrix resides in a single shelf, with 2 shelves required for redundancy. A fully redundant switch matrix, along with Administrative Complex (AC) shelves, fits into just 2 bays — compared to the 9 bays required for a SCS 3072 configuration. In addition, Tellabs continues the commitment to support existing equipment in customers’ networks by providing the capability to expand any existing Tellabs 5500 SCS (256, 1024, 1536 and 3072 core sizes) to over 4K core size with as little as one additional bay of equipment. This capability offers significant savings in both floor space and power consumption compared to current standard density core configurations.